Less Foolish, is an attempt to understand the blockchain space from first principles. I do this via articles, interviews and creating a community of earnest people who want to understand this space.

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Less Foolish is written by me, Naveen Mishra, for now. I work fully online and onchain. Less Foolish strives to be fully supported by its readers.

I’ve worked previously at small crypto companies, consulted for large enterprises. I have built and gloriously burnt two businesses. You can follow my journey at N10A.com

Less Foolish was started in 2022. This is my fifth attempt at making sense of the blockchain space.


The blockchain space is full of people searching for greater fools. This blog and Its name are my attempts at becoming Less Foolish. My goal with this is to publish truly independent analysis, To wit

  • I am not paid by any company, project for any opinion I post on Less Foolish or in any public forum, including podcasts and Twitter.
  • I hold de-minimis amounts of crypto, this allows me to use the products I seek to understand and remove any feelings of FOMO.
  • None of us is without bias, and my skeptical nature pushes me to underrate this space. I will try to push myself to not undervalue speculative and purely financial use-cases of products.

I intend for the content published here to be useful and so expect to work with companies in the blockchain space. I promise to disclose these arrangements as and when necessary. I want my incentives to be aligned with my readers and community members.

I take my personal integrity and the integrity of this site very seriously. While I will make (and have made) mistakes, I will always strive to correct them quickly and publicly, and take active steps to ensure I don’t make similar mistakes in the future. On the flip side, I do not tolerate accusations of speaking or writing at the behest of any company.

If you have any concerns or questions about this ethics policy please contact me.


You can follow me or this publication on Twitter. But the best way to get in touch is to e-mail me at lessfoolish@n10a.com .